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The Elvis Project

Support Doggone Day Spaw's efforts to build our own state-of-the-art canine water therapy facility! Read on to learn how you can help senior dogs live their best in those special Golden Years.

How "The Elvis Project" developed:

On August 30, 2014, 10yo Elvis became our third senior adoption, complete with a large cancerous mass on his right side and weighing 142lbs. We were able to get him down to about 110lbs., but the mass was inoperable.

Elvis blessed our home for nearly two years, and we were constantly amazed at his resilience, exuberance, and love. Thankful and honored to have shared the last portion of his life, we will forever carry him in our hearts.


Often asked how we deal with the emotional aspect of rescuing senior animals, we will always say, "treasure every single moment that you have with them!"  Be grateful for those soft eyes that seem to look directly into your soul, and that tail that's always wagging when you walk into the room.  Love them, respect them, and cherish them, as they do you.  Pet loss is difficult and heart-breaking, no matter how long the animal has been in your life.  Compassion, kindness, and so much joy await those who are willing to share their lives with a senior pet.

In memory of our wonderful Elvis, we will continue helping animals in need (especially the seniors)!  Sometimes these older furry friends need some special care, and that's what "The Elvis Project" is!  We are building a state-of-the-art canine water therapy facility on our property in Snohomish, WA!  And we need your help to do it!

Lend us a paw to provide a place where dogs can have access to warm water exercise and massage to improve their quality of life and be free from pain.

Elvis Project

Here are some ways you can help us raise the WOOF.

Purchase a Pawprint Tile for the Poolhouse

Immortalize your cherished companion on our Wall of Fame by purchasing a ceramic tile with an imprint of your pet's paw. These beautiful and unique hand-made tiles will forever grace the walls of our poolhouse. For pets who may have already crossed The Rainbow Bridge, you may choose to have a saying or word placed on a tile in their memory. A $200 gift will honor the furry loved ones who have touched your life.

Make a Monthly Gift

When you become a Doggone Angel by signing up to make monthly contributions, you are helping to make MAGIC HAPPEN!

Doggone Angels are special friends, because their gifts are continuous and steady. Of course, it is easy to cancel at any time.

Purchase a Bracelet

Lisa McKenney, owner of Love Squared Designs, has created an exclusive line of leather cuff bracelets for Doggone Day Spaw's Elvis Project! She says: "My hope and prayer is that each piece I create will be a blessing to the recipient and they will feel LOVED every time they wear it. ❤️ Lisa"

More Ways To Shop

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