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My pit bull, Kailie has been swimming with Vonni for a few weeks following an ACL tear. While swimming won’t heal or repair the tear, Kailie has shown significant improvement!

She lost quite a bit of muscle very quickly immediately following her injury, due to being in enough pain that she wouldn’t walk much. Stairs were painful enough that she had to be carried most of the time. She required daily pain meds, and was clearly in pain if I forgot them.

Kailie was very hesitant to get in the water, but Vonni was very patient with her and made it a non-scary thing and oooo, those warm water massages! Vonni found the *one* toy that was worth getting wet for, and supported Kailie’s first several laps in the pool to reduce her fears. Kailie now gets in voluntarily on her own and swims happily.

Since beginning hydrotherapy with Vonni, Kailie has gained some of her muscle back, limps a lot less and navigates stairs on her own. She’ll even run a short distance if the mood strikes her. It’s not a disaster if I forget her pain meds once in a while.

I was slightly worried that swimming might make her skin worse because she is allergic to just about everything that is part of being a dog-grass, cats, flea saliva, dust mites, hooved animal meat…. I was pleasantly surprised when her skin issues were also reduced following swim sessions! She has not been as itchy as previous years at this time, and her skin is not as red and inflamed.

I’ve been extremely happy with Vonni and Doggone Day Spaw and definitely recommend hydrotherapy for every dog!