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Hi Everyone! I’m Vonni – professional Canine Water Therapist, Animal Massage Therapist, owner of “Doggone Day Spaw,” wife of One Wonderful Husband (Mike), and Proud Pet Parent Extraordinaire! We are currently owned by three cats (Bear, Chloe, and Holmes), and one very special chocolate labrador (Larry).

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Larry Update #2

You have all been waiting with bated breath for news about our favorite canine life guard!  I’m so happy to report that he is doing beautifully today!  The pneumonia is clearing, and we now need to schedule his follow-up appointment.  Most likely, they will re-X-Ray his lungs to make sure they are free from the…
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An Update About Larry

Please Keep My Boy In Your Thoughts Mike and I adopted Larry from Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno on July 8th, 2016.  He is our fourth senior lab rescue, and is so very loved by everyone he meets (dogs, cats, and humans)!  And because he has such a loyal following, I thought everyone should be updated…
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Is Your Dog in Pain?

“Rufus doesn’t want to go for rides in the car anymore because it’s too hard to get in and out of the vehicle.”  “Sebastian used to love sleeping with us, but now he can’t even get up on the bed.”  “Gertie is putting on weight, and we can’t seem to slim her down because she’s…
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